Shopping only applicable to Itsy Doodles ready made items.

Here's the step by step guide:-

1. Click SHOP

2. Choose category of item you wish to purchase and click on the picture.

3. You will see what's available / in stock. Click on the pic of the item you are interested in.

4. You will see details on the selected item - Price, Measurement etc. 
Click 'Add to Bag' if you wish to proceed with purchasing. 

5. If you want to continue shopping, click 'Continue Shopping'.
 If you're done shopping. click 'Go to Checkout'

6. If you click 'Go to Checkout' , you will be directed to this page. Click 'Checkout'.

7. Next. you will be directed to this page. Fill in the necessaries. And choose delivery method. For the time being, Poslaju is the only delivery option. Postage calculated for local shipping only.We do offer Self Pick Up but pick up point is Bandar Baru Bangi only.

8. Last you will come this page. At this moment, we only accept payment through Maybank2U. 
Click on the link and you will be directed to
Click 'Continue'.

9. This is the last step. You will see your shipping details and order summary. 
If all is confirmed, click 'Place Order' and you're DONE!

We will start working on your order once payment is received. And once it's done, we'll ship them to you pronto.

Hope this steps help.  
Enjoy Shopping with Itsy Doodles.


  1. wow dah ada option MBB2U ek.. kena chekidout also la.. thank you for the steps.. very easy to understand.. :))

  2. Alahai..baru perasan your comment sue..Sorry! Thanks for stopping by. Glad to know this how to step helps and easy to understand :)

  3. Salam Sister, is there another way to pay? I dont have a maybank account, I was hoping to use Cimbcliks

  4. Waalaikumussalam,

    Pls kindly contact me at yeah. tq.