October 17, 2012

On the Go Diaper Pouch : Version 2.0

We have come up with a new and improved version of the Change and Go Diaper Pouch.
Great to have for short outings.
Now comes with detachable wrist strap, zippered front pocket and
a waterproof changing mat.

Change and Go Diaper Pouch by Itsy Doodles on PhotoPeach

Fits 2-3pcs diaper, a change of clothes, travel size wet wipes, nappy rash cream
Pouch Size : 8 (H) x 7 (W) x 1.5 (D) inches
Changing Mat Size : 18 x 12 inches
Price : RM 65-00/set

NOW on promotion. Limited sets only. Go to SHOP to see available stocks.

June 25, 2012

Stock Update

New stocks & up at the SHOP.
Interested? Click on the link :)

Itsy Hobo Galore

More Itsy Hobo bags made.....

Custom Order : Nur' ain Idris

A huggy pillow set for as wedding presents for her friends with embroidered personalising and a BFF pillow for little NABIL, another friends's son :)

Custom Order by Iffah Hamidi

Passport Covers / Sleeves commisioned by my dear cousin, Iffah to for their recent travel (well, not so anymore by the time I post this hehehe). And a wristlet for her sister.

Thank you Iffah :)

June 11, 2012

E-SHOP : Launched!

Alhamdulillah! We have successfully install our 'shopping cart (bag)' system for your easy shopping.
However, this is for Itsy Doodles ready made / ready to ship items only.

1. Where's the SHOP?

2. This is the front look of our SHOP

3. Click on the HOW TO SHOP tab just in case you need help :)


June 10, 2012

NC Galore : Custom Order

Nursing covers I was commissioned with. 
One is reversible and the other has a small pockets on the inside.

Custom order by Izan Muhaimim 

Custom order by Dayana Anwar

Thank you ladies for your order!

Custom Order by Yasmin Sulaiman

Chic Mama Tote (CMT) and Itsy Hobo

I was delighted when a friend I known during my high school years placed an order for these lovelies. I have never sewn a hobo bag in geometrical print before so I was ecstatic to see how beautiful the it turned out.

Thank you Yasmin for your order :).

June 9, 2012

To be taken back to NZ

A BFF pillow for Baby Lucy and a Mini Money Purse & a card holder for herself. These were ordered many moons ago by my beloved cousin, Adzrina Mona. Baby Lucy were not yet born then. Today she's about 4 or 5 months old I think. I hope Lucy is enjoying the company of the BFF :)


Custom Order from Sabah

These were ordered by two friends..all the way from Sabah.
Thank you Suzan Sitih & Umi Kals :).

Handbag Organizer, Pesona Bag and Eleganz Clutches

May 9, 2012

Two Way Tote for her twin sister

 This was commissioned by Zara Abdul as her twin sister's birthday present. Sweet kan? :)

Style 1

Hook is fasten

Style 2

 Hook is unfasten

Quilted inside, Magnetic button closure, 
Two slip pockets & one zippered pockets, a key lanyard

 Comes with a matching card

Nicely wrapped and sent to her twins as a suprise :)

Custom Order : Mama Bag Sets (MMT & TWT)

Both sets were custom order by Dalia Syed.

 First set is hers -  a Mini Mama Tote Bag with matching BFF Pillow, a wristlet and a drawstring pouch.
 Sling style, zippered closure, with mama bag pockets inside

 Second set is for her friend - a Two Way Tote and a matching BFF Pillow

The two way of wearing Two Way Tote. With mama bag pockets inside

May 7, 2012

Handy for mommies

Introducing few items I find handy to have when you have a baby. I made them for myself and decided to make extra for the shop.
Burp in Style with fancy burp cloths

Here is a pic of baby Sofya 'demonstrates' how she burps in style ;)

Below are the two sets available. Each set comes with two pcs of burp cloth.

Set a. Stripes & Owl

Set b. Spring & Cherries
Nursing in Style with Adjustable Nursing Strap

It's very versatile & multipurpose that you can use it as a nursing strap or as an instant bib clip. Wonderful isn't it?

Here's my darling Akif eating nasi lemak using a handkerchief as a bib

Currently available in two designs only :-

Choco Dots


February 3, 2012

BFF Pillow Sets : Available & Ready to Ship (Sneak Preview)

Made 4 sets of the cute BFF pillows.
Two sets for boys and two sets for girls.
Each set contains two BFF pillows.
More pictures and info will be posted next week.
Stay tuned!

Let's dress up your keys!

You can now dress your keys with these cute & gorgeous key fobs.
These key fobs are available in two sizes : 5 inches (folded) and 3" (folded)
Made using high quality & imported hardware, cotton webbing and colourful print designer cotton.

RM 15-00/pc (not inc.postage)

5 pcs available . One pc per design

RM10-00/pc (not inc.postage)

5 pcs available . One pc per design

To purchase or for more info, contact us at itsydoodles@yahoo.com OR visit Itsy Doodles page on Facebook