February 28, 2011

Munchkin Everyday Sling Bag

NEW! Perfect for your child everyday use. Wear it anytime, anywhere. Great for kids age 5 up. Made in denim fabric on main body panel and enhanced with designers cotton on the flap. Designers cotton for pocket is optional.

Size : 10 inches (W) x 12inches (H) x 2" (D) approx

Adjustable strap using poly webbing. Maximum length is approx 36 inches

1 pocket in front. Velcro for closure - fast @ easy for little hands ;)

Great for carrying books & toys (for smaller children)

Model in the picture is 4 years old

Fit A4 size books & papers for school children

Model in this picture is 8 years old

Munchkin Everyday bag will be available in the shop soon. Check back often ;)

February 24, 2011

Custom Order by Fadhlina Alias

It's a lingerie bag!
This friend of mine travels a lot.
So this bag is great to protect her delicate items while she's on the go :)

Thank you for your order!

Custom Order by Nadiah Basir

Felt name tags for her children's school bags.
These come with velcro for easy fastening.

Thank you for your order.

February 21, 2011

Custom Order by Ratna Wati

Ratna ordered this bag for her dear grandmother.
Slightly taller than the Chic Mama Tote, this bag makes a great weekend bag too.
It has three zippered pockets outside and one zippered pocket & two slip pockets inside.
I hope your grandma is going to like this bag Ratna!

Thank you for your order :)

Custom Order by Pn. Saorah

This bag was ordered by a sweet & kind lady, Pn. Saorah.
Similar to Chic Mama Tote bag but simpler.
This bag has one zippered pocket & two slip pockets inside.
Hope you are going to like this bag!

Thank you for your order :)

February 18, 2011


MADE and Made by Rae are having Celebrate the Boy Month from 15th February until 15th March 2011. An entire month dedicated to boy clothing ideas, boy crafts and oh boy! what fun it will be :).

To celebrate the boy here at Itsy Doodles, we brought in new CUTE & FUN boy-friendly fabrics. And they are all my favourites :).

Click on the picture above to to have a closer view of the prints. Pssttt..they are in limited cut too *wink*

February 16, 2011

Romper for Boys

Now, boys too can wear designers cotton. Your little ones will definitely be the centre of attention being seen in this super cute romper :).

Romper in the picture is plain cotton for main fabric and enhanced with cute designer cotton prints on pocket, collar, sleeves, leg bands and the shoulder. Choices for the main fabric are cotton-linen or kona cotton which are suitable for babies.

This romper can also be made in full print. Designer cottons make the cutest romper ever!
Available in these various sizes : 3M, 6M, 12M and 18M
Price starts from RM 55-00/pair.
Send your inquiry to itsydoodles@yahoo.com

February 14, 2011

Nursing cover

Nursing in modesty & comfortability.
That's what nursing cover is for.
Essential for new mommies especially.
Now mommies can nurse babies almost anywhere without any worries.
Baby too can nurse at easy with minimum distraction.

Size : 36" x 24" approx
Adjustable strap using D rings
With peek-a-boo window to see what your baby's doing without exposing  yourself
It can be used as a changing mat or serves as a blanket when going out 
Foldable to fit any bag
Made from 100% high quality cotton
Comfortable for both mommy & baby
Price starts from RM45-00

February 13, 2011

Itsy Hobo in Checked Gray Flowers

Made this one for my dear sister for her birthday present.
The fabric design turns out to be perfect for the bag.
I'm happy I chose this print for her as it matches with any colour of clothes :).

Here's the details of the bag:-
In Checked Gray Flowers by Eri McMorris
Size : 13.5" (W) x 10" (H) (approx)
Bag handle : 48" in length (approx)

Lined with high quality cotton
1 slip pocket
Magnetic button for closure

Hope you like the bag Ya!

February 9, 2011

Custom Order by Adzrina Mona

Front in Yellow lions print
Insert pic : Back of pillow in Stem & Circle in Fuschia print

Front in Giraffe print
Insert pic : Back of pillow in Chick-a dee stripes print

These BFF Pillows are for Baby Jelita.

Thank you Adzrina Mona for your order.

February 2, 2011

Custom order by Shira Salleh

A Two Way Tote (TWT) in Retro in Pink.
This new mama's bag comes with 4 elastic pocket inside and a detachable handphone pouch.

For the apple of her eyes, 5 months old Harith Haziq ( I hope I get the name in the right order), a personalised BFF pillow.

Thank you Shira for your order!

Custom Order by Amin Jamri

This order comes from my dearest husband.
For a friend's son, Amirul, a  4 year old boy.
Hopes Amirul loves his new BFF :)

Thanks dear for your order

Custom Order by Fadhlina Alias

Another returning customer :).
That's a good sign right? :D
This time two reversible sunhat for two little girls.
The first sunhat is in Large Blue Floral print on one side and in plain pink cotton-linen on another.
Personalised with a smiley felt flower, as requested by Ina.

 The second sunhat is in Metro Market n Aqua print on one side and in pink cotton-linen on another.
Personalised with a felt cupcake also as requested by Ina.

Am sure the girls will look darn cute in these sunhats!

Thanks Ina for your order!

Custom Order by Erma Jalaluddin

A reversible sunhat for little Darwysh.
Hence the 'D' on the denim side of the hat.
Reverse to Yellow Lions print.

Thanks you for your purchase!

Custom order by Aofah Adam

Felt name tags- for school bag
Egdes were left uncut so that mama Aofah can cut it according to the size of the bag handle.
Aisar's & Aqeela's bag would certainly be different than the rest this year :)