January 11, 2011

Custom order by Adzrina Mona

It was a BIG order. And it came all the way from the Land of Kiwi. This order came from my dear cousin Adzrina Mona. This job was commissioned to me sometime in October last year. Decided to work on them late in December as my cousin will be flying in for a month holiday with her family. So glad to have finally handed Mona, her order. They will be going back with her to New Zealand end of this month. Itsy Doodles product had once reached Australia. And now, heading for New Zealand :). WOW!

The damask print caught her eyes. So all in that print, combined with Lacework in Olive belongs to her. The rest, are for her mates and two babies back in NZ. Being a designer at Phil&Thed, these orders came with sketches in 5 pages! She made it clear on how she wants her order made. It was a whole new experience indeed. Happy that I passed with flying colours :). Ermm..I did, didn't I Mona?

Patchwork Wristlet in Dandy Damask in Cocoa and Lacework in Olive for the exterior. 
Lined with polka dots japanese cotton in brown.
With owls zupper head pull. Simply  love the zipper pull :)

Sling Bag:-
In Dandy Damask in Cocoa and Lacework in Olive print for the flap & the side pockets. 
Plain exterior in thick dark brown cotton. Lined with Cotton-linen fabric in brown & pink.
 Size : 10" (H) x 14" (W) x 4" (D) approx.
2 side pocket outside
2 zippered pocket outside ( one in front and one at the back)
4 slip pockets inside
1 key lanyard
Bag Strap : width at shoulder 3" and narrowing to 1.5" as it reaches sides of bag.

 BFF Pillow for Mona - Front in Lacework print
   Insert pic : Back of pillow in Damask print
BFF Pillow for Kay - Front in Cat Faces print
Insert pic : Back of pillow in Strawberries print

BFF Pillow for Brianna - Front in Patchwork in Pink print   
Insert pic : Back of pillow in Feeling Groovy print

BFF Pillow for baby Kahu - Front in Barnyard print   
Insert pic : Back of pillow in Zoo print

BFF Pillow for baby Mayer - Front in Zoo print   
Insert pic : Back of pillow in Barnyard print

Oh..and her birthday is coming too- end of this month. So made this passport sleeve in the cute owls print for her. She doesn't know about it yet, but she will if she reads this post hehehe ( Have not given it to her yet. She's busy traveling up and down and to the east of Malaysia at the moment). Hope she'll like it.

Thanks so much Mona for your order.
Hand so much stress fun making them! ;) Hehehehe


  1. Thank you to you! I love them all very much! What a fantastic job you did making them all. So happy! We are both really pleased with everything.

    The pillows are just so wonderfully precious, they are simply adorable. I can't wait to give them to the babies and we're planning to use ours in the plane back to NZ! Hahahaha! Other people on the plane will be so envious! :P

    The little purse is so neat to be used as an extension to the sling bag. Keeping it in the same theme. I can easily take it out and use it as a mini bag if I'd like to leave the sling bag behind. Perfect size. Love the hand strap for extra security to my wrist and that owl zipper pull! oh, so cool!

    Fantastic sling bag! I love it! It looks so good anywhere & everywhere. From formal to casual, beach to mountain..the list is endless. I love that i can secure my stuff in the 2 zippered pockets at the front & back, slip my cellphone and camera in the 2 side pockets for easy access and the rest of my things are organised in the middle section. Things are so easy to look for in this bag, unlike some big bags because of the dual colour interior, the light colour gives better visibility while the dark protects it and made of thicker fabric. The shoulder-sling strap is so comfy, with variation of size that moulds to the body well. Soft pink on the inside and hard-wearing, not easily stained dark brown colour on the outside but what i love about it above all, is that it looks so fantastic everywhere, i can some people were looking at it in admiration and that it is made with love, equipped with a set of great skills. :) Thank you Naza!

    Love your work :D -Mona

  2. Oh Gosh! Mona...I'm speechless.
    Thank you so very much for your order...
    Your support & trust is what really matters.
    I appreciate it very much.
    And thanks for such kind kind words :)