April 11, 2010

BFF Pillow & Pillow Case

From Babyhood to Toddlerhood to Childhood years. Great as gifts - family, friends, baby shower, house warming or simply for your own use - bed room, living room, cars etc.

Best Friend Forever (BFF) Pillow  was first realised by my mother in law when she made each and every one of her grandchildren a pillow as soon as they were born. And the pillow sticks to the kids through thick and thin as they grow up. Hence the name :). All my children have one-at least.

Size : 9" x 16"
Material : Stuffed with cotton fluff (kekabu)

Can be used as breastfeeding pillow

For illustration purpose only .To show the different breastfeeding positions
  • Placed under baby when breastfeeding in sitting position. Helps to prop the baby to a level  comfortable for both mummy and baby.
  • Placed behind baby when breastfeeding lying down to prevent baby from rolling.
Toddlerhood & Childhood
  • A great companion (like stuffed animals).
  • Ideal for travelling as it can be used as sleeping pillow due to is generous size.
Comes in 2 different designs:-
  • Plain on Pattern

  • Full Pattern

 BFF pillow + japanese / ikea cotton pillow case : RM18/set
    * Pillowcase only  : RM10/pc

Additional Service:-
 Personalize :Name: Add RM 10.00 (max. 6 characters / letters)

                        Figure : Add RM 5.00
                        Name & Figure : Add RM 15.00


  1. kiut2 nye....ade comfeter kiut2 x?

  2. Terima kasih Ibudhani :)
    Buat masa ni belum ada lg comforter.
    Just the pillows je..